Coming from someone who has relationships, community, and connection high up on her values list, I understand how hard it can be to translate these pillars across a screen.

That’s why I design customer-centric websites that help reignite the flame of bold entrepreneurs who are ready to conquer the online space: a digital presence that’s designed to help you reach your audience and increase your revenue in a real, authentic way.

I'm a corporate marketer-turned-web designer with deep Texas roots, forever in pursuit of freedom & adventure.


Hi, I'm Megan

As a traveler, I love the opportunity to be a part of a close-knit community of fellow trailblazers. It’s these people who understand best the importance of continuously exploring the world in order to expand our minds.

Unfortunately, I wasn’t getting this kind of passionate surrounding from my perfectly “normal” job working in corporate: a place where I was completely satisfied with what I was doing, but I always yearned for more.

I soon realized sitting behind a desk wasn’t where I was meant to grow. It was my true passion for helping people and for being an honest, compelling designer that fueled me. And just weeks later, I quit.

So I took my 10+ years experience in WordPress and 5 years in Corporate America, filled with digital and product marketing, marketing automation, digital services, and client experience, to once again break the mold and become the entrepreneur that I’m so continuously inspired by (psst...that’s you.)

Designer | Innovator | Dreamer | Wanderer

We're Pretty Similar

You & me?

At Meg Kline designs, it’s my goal to create a reliable and authentic space for explorer-spirited business owners to feel confident in my ability to bring their online visions to life.

Because business is more than just a transaction. And although there may be roadblocks and hurdles that stand in the way, each and every moment strung together is what cultivates the pioneering spirit necessary for success.

Always innovate.

Despite change in product, industry, or technology, we strive to always ride the wave - shifting and innovating as we go.

And above all else, we believe that adventure is out there and that designing
your own life is always a possibility.

It's about the journey.

What We're All About

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How I Got Here

lets explore

Where my journey begins - I'm a Texas gal at heart but always longed to experience life and to see what this big world had to offer


Ah, la dolce vita. It’s here in the land of pasta and good wine where I learned the art of working to live, rather than my previously engrained “live to work” American mentality

Although I had a perfect corporate job (seriously, I loved it!), I realized my entrepreneurial spirit was outshining my salary, and I couldn't live the next 40+ years working a 9 to 5 desk job



After quitting that perfect job, I took a leap and went to Africa, where I met countless life-changing fellow digital nomads and quickly learned that this was the lifestyle I was meant for




Surrounded by idyllic beaches and endless tacos, I fully leaned into my nomadic work and understood the power of community, networking, and connecting with fellow biz owners. With a perfectly-crafted margarita in hand, I was able to elevate my business while during life in Playa del Carmen






My Bucketlist

Grab coffee with Whitney Wolfe

Design for TOMS or Patagonia

Start a social entrepreneurship company

Partner with Women For Women International

Take my family on an all expense paid vacation

Learn another language (and no... not a programming language)

Discover our favorite website plugins and resources & see change instantly.

Completely transform your business online into a full-blown, online experience

Download free resources to improve your website & business.

stay awhile

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I bring the nomadic adventure to you with digital postcards you need to stay up to date on the latest website launches, template releases, and genuine design tips for your business to succeed online.

Lets Stay In Touch

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I'm Meg,


The Girl Next Door who’s never home and founder of Meg Kline Designs: a nomadic design studio crafting authentic web designs for adventurous brands & genuine dreamers.

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